The standard remote control that come with the boxes are reasonably basic and although they can operate all the features on the box we highly recommend getting a wireless keypad with the box as it makes navigating the android box much easier.
Firstly do a test at or you can download the app on to the box from the google playstore. Just search "speedtest" and it should come up. If you are getting a speed of 5mbps+ then you should be able to stream with no problems. If you are finding that links are taking too long to buffer you can try a different add on or else a different link within an add on
A great website for finding Kodi add ons and guides is You can literally find hundreds of guides for whatever it is you are interested in.
The original remote control that comes with the boxes are reasonably basic and although functional they can at times be frustrating. This is why we recommend getting our wireless keypad as it as a built in mouse pad and is much easier to use with the box.

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