kodi kryptonKodi which used to be known as XBMC is a popular media centre software that is open source, meaning that it is made to be customised by the end user with very little restrictions. Kodi runs very well on the android operating system which is also open source (as oppossed to the IOS operating system which is very much “closed” and restrictive). Many people refer to the android boxes we sell as Kodi boxes so they are essentially the same thing but under different names (some also called them smart TV boxes). The android or kodi box as many call it is a perfect match for the kodi media centre app as it as kodi allows you to watch movies, TV shows, play music on various add ons, create picture gallery’s, access Youtube and much more. Kodi also allows you to record content via a PVR add on.

Kodi uses add on’s to access the various media available such as video add on’s, music add on’s, Picture add on’s etc. Everything in Kodi is made to be customised so for example if you are big into music you could have multiple music add on’s such as soundcloud or spotify and que music or make playlists.

Which Kodi Boxes Are Best?

When buying a Kodi box it is important to check for several things. Firstly Kodi takes up a lot of resources especially when more and more add on’s are added to the media centre. This can cause some of the cheaper boxes to crash as they are not able to handle the demands of Kodi and at the time run the android operating system. Because of this we do not sell the 1GB of RAM kodi boxes anymore as we found they aren’t really able for a fully loaded Kodi. We now only sell 2GB of RAM that can easily handle a fully loaded Kodi system as well as many other apps on the android system.

The difference then is in how much storage is on the box? The two best kodi boxes at the moment in our opinion (after testing a lot!) is the M8S ii which has 2GB of RAM and 8GB of hard drive and the Q box which has 2GB of RAM and 16GB of hard drive. Both boxes will run kodi no problem and allow for extra storage via SD card. It really then comes down to your budget!

For more information on what kodi is and how it works you can visit the official kodi website.