Frequently Asked Questions About Debt Consolidation

Frequently Asked Questions About Debt Consolidation

We Answer Your Questions

The more informed you are as a borrower, the better the chance that you will succeed with your efforts. So many borrowers get locked into the trap of spending because they lack a solid understanding of the fundamentals of money and effective repayment options. For this reason, we have provided a list of some of the most important and frequently asked questions our visitors pose when they consolidate. Before you select a credit debt program, make sure you review these questions and answers carefully so you are well-informed going into the rebuilding process.

How do collections agencies work?

When a creditor gives up on collecting a delinquent amount, the creditor sells the debt to a collections agency for a reduced price. For example, a creditor might sell a $5,000 debt to a collections agency for $2,000 then writes off the difference as a loss on their income taxes. At this point, the collections agency owns the debt and is responsible for getting the borrower to reimburse them on time.

One of the reasons why our method works is because collections agencies are usually willing to accept a lower payment amount than the original debt. This is sometimes referred to as a debt relief settlement and is typically negotiated by your company. Collections agencies will accept reduced amounts because they almost always still make a profit. For instance, continuing with the example above, if the collections agency accepted a payoff amount of $3,000 on the $5,000 debt, they would still make a profit of $1,000.

Why should I choose this method over bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy will have devastating effects on your credit score. Most bankruptcies will linger on your report and drag down your rating for seven to ten years. This means you will be responsible for outrageous interest rates for up to ten years if you can qualify for borrowing at all. A damaged rating can also lead to high insurance rates and lost job opportunities.

Debt consolidation, on the other hand, allow you to become free of much of what you owe without ravaging your rating in the process. These programs help you tackle your expenses responsibly and affordably without discharging them in a bankruptcy proceeding. Moreover, this type of program can actually help you improve your credit rating. Consolidating debt will help you pay on time consistently, and you will see the balances on your accounts dwindle as you make progress. On-time reimbursements and lower balances will both help elevate your rating after you tackle the expenses, whereas bankruptcy damages your score for years to come.

What are my credit card options?

Most of our programs specialize in credit cards. The providers tend to be more flexible on rates than others, so it is easier for consolidation services to arrange a workable debt solution with them. If you decide to consolidate professionally, your company will work to try to improve your standing. Ideally, your part will become more reasonable, allowing you to become debt free more quickly.

Another option is to use a loan or a balance transfer to take care of your cards. With a balance transfer, you consolidate debt by moving the balances of one or more cards onto one with better interest rates. The improved interest rates then enable you to pay off the balance more quickly. Secured or unsecured loans can also offer solutions for cards by allowing you to pay off your balances with a lower-interest loan from your bank.

What is unsecured vs. secured debt?

These two types differ in whether they are associated with physical property. Unsecured debt is not tied to a piece of property. They include credit cards, medical bills, and some types of payday loans. Secured debts, on the other hand, are attached to a piece of physical property, such as a house or a vehicle. Secured debts include mortgage loans, car loans, and personal loans that require collateral. Typically, the latter has more reasonable interest rates than the former because the lender faces less risk.

Most services like ours will only accept unsecured debts. They are much more difficult to consolidate and often don’t need to be consolidated in the first place because their interest rates are already low. Unsecured lenders tend to be more compliant with organizations such as ours because, unlike secured lenders, they don’t have the option of seizing property if the borrower fails to pay. As a result, these creditors are more willing to negotiate and cooperate with consumer debt management companies. Check out other tips and tricks on Maxbet.

How can I deal with creditor harassment?

We can refer you to a service that will help you put an end to harassment. The best way to stop harassment is to pay your bills on time, and this type of plan will help you do just that. This service will work on making your monthly payments more affordable so you can pay on time and pay down your balances rapidly. Once your creditors see that you’re holding up your end of the bargain, they will likely stop harassing you for payments.

Another advantage of getting your finances back on track is that you will not have to deal with your creditors directly after the consolidation takes place. You will send your payments to your creditors through the program, which then distributes the money to your individual lenders. As long as you keep up with your payments, your creditors should have no reason to harass you anymore.

What is nonprofit debt help? Are you a nonprofit?

Non profit consolidation usually refers to some type of counseling agency that assists consumers with budgeting, paying down bills, and dealing with creditors. Strictly speaking, credit counseling agencies do not provide traditional consolidation services. They can inform you of your options and offer counseling, but they do not actually consolidate your accounts for you. In other words, there really is no such thing as a non profit debt consolidation company.

Debt Consolidation is not a non-profit organization. All of our partner companies are for-profit services. Although for-profit services tend to charge higher prices than non-profit counterparts, they also tend to get better results for their clients. For-profit companies are more aggressive in dealing with your creditors and securing the most affordable payments possible for you.

How Will Debt Consolidation Affect My Credit Score?

How Will Debt Consolidation Affect My Credit Score?

One of the most common misconceptions consumers harbor about debt consolidation is that it will ravage their ratings and leave them unable to qualify for loans ever again. In reality, the negative effect that management plans have on ratings is usually negligible. In many cases, consumers’ scores will not drop at all and may even rise as a result of these services. The programs help their clients tackle their bills on time and pay down their account balances quickly, both of which will result in rating improvements. Read on for an in-depth discussion of our service will affect your rating.

The Truth

After you get consolidated, you will write one check every month to the program. They then pays your creditors for you, so your bills are always paid on time as long as you pay your agency. Most debt management plans last for several years. During this time, a note will appear on your report indicating that you’re repaying the debt through a plan. This notation will remain on your report until you pay the account in full, but it should not harm your rating in the meantime.

Applying for New Credit

Even though your efforts are unlikely to harm your score, you may have difficulty qualifying for new credit while you are participating in debt consolidation. For one, many these services prohibit their clients from applying for additional credit while enrolled. Additionally, some providers frown up on a notation on your report indicating involvement with debt consolidation solutions, and thus will not issue new credit. However, most providers are more concerned with your score than your report, and providers that use the scoring model are much less likely to penalize you for participating in the program.

What Will Hurt Your Score

Although it is unlikely that a plan like ours will hurt your score, it is not impossible. There are some things that will damage your rating if they occur during the course of the program. Here are the two things that can hurt your score the most when you consolidate:

  • Late payments. After you consolidate, the job of paying your carriers will be in the hands of your consolidation organization. It’s imperative that you choose a company that you can trust to pay your creditors on time every month. Otherwise, you’ll rack up late payment notations on your credit report, which will cause your rating to drop.
  • Closing accounts. Certain programs require clients to close all of the accounts included in the consolidation. In other words, you will have to cancel all of the cards you wish to consolidate. Although this will help reduce the temptation to spend, it will also have a negative impact on your portfolio. Closing accounts reduces the amount of total credit you have available, which in turn raises your utilization ratio. A higher utilization ratio makes you look maxed out to creditors and lowers your rating. If possible, try to find a debt consolidation service that does not require you to close your accounts.
Can I Consolidate If I Have Bad Credit?

Can I Consolidate If I Have Bad Credit?

Understandably, people struggling with large amounts of debt also tend to have poor credit scores. The excessive interest rates of unsecured loans often lead to late payments and delinquent accounts, both of which take a serious toll on your ratings. Mistakenly, many consumers in this predicament believe that they cannot qualify for services such as ours because of their financial challenges. However, there are bad programs that will accept virtually all consumers in spite of their fiscal woes.

Qualifying is Easier Than You Think

Most programs such as ours have qualification criteria, but they don’t necessarily preclude consumers with poor credit. You can still become free of financial headaches through a program such as ours as long as you meet the following criteria (will vary by service):

  • Your debt is unsecured. Most companies usually only allow unsecured debt to be included in the consolidation process. Unsecured debt is unattached to a piece of collateral (e.g., house, car, etc.).
  • You have owe less than $20,000. These solutions tend to work best for consumers who owe $5,000-$20,000. Consumers with higher levels of money owed may be better served by alternative solutions.
  • You are not seriously delinquent on your accounts. To qualify, you cannot be more than three months behind on any of your accounts. Accounts that are in later stages of delinquency are more difficult to consolidate.

Consolidate Debt Loans

If you have financial challenges, you will most likely be unable to qualify for assistance, which are an alternative to professional consolidation solutions. These services usually require the borrower to have good or excellent credit, especially for loans with affordable interest rates. For example, too much money owed may prevent you from qualifying for loans. If you cannot qualify for these kinds of solutions, you still have a good chance of qualifying for assistance.

For consumers who are seriously delinquent on their accounts and/or have too much debt to qualify for traditional assistance, there are other options. For one, you may be able to consolidate through a settlement or negotiation. With this option, a service such as ours negotiates with your creditors in order to arrange a payoff amount. Most consolidation services offer this intervention for clients with serious credit problems.

Alternatively, consumers for whom bad debt consolidation does not work may consider bankruptcy. If you have high levels of money owed, seriously delinquent accounts, and have exhausted all other options, bankruptcy may be the best way to become free from financial headaches. Bankruptcy will have a powerful negative impact on your credit score for several years, but you will be able to start fresh and begin rebuilding your credit immediately. Before you declare bankruptcy, make sure you discuss your options with us first.

What Are the Benefits of Debt Consolidation?

What Are the Benefits of Debt Consolidation?

Debt consolidation programs have a multitude of benefits to offer. For one, these plans can improve the interest rates on your existing accounts. Lower rates translate into more affordable monthly payments, enabling you to slash what you owe rapidly without putting an undue strain on your finances. In other words, having your finances under control can help you save money and break free of what you owe in a fairly short period of time. In this post, we’ll discuss the benefits of credit consolidation in more detail.

Improved Interest Rates

Exorbitant financing rates are the reason most consumers get caught in the unrelenting cycle of debt. When the rates on your accounts are too high, you will see little progress even if you make sizeable payments diligently. To rectify this situation, debt reduction plans focus first and foremost on improving the interest rates of your debts. Our program will coordinate with your creditors in order to arrange the best rates possible for you. In most cases, this is precisely the solution consumers need in order to overcome financial issues quickly and affordably. More reasonable interest rates allow a larger portion of your money to be applied to the principal of what you owe instead of interest, thus diminishing your balances faster.

Manageable Monthly Expenses

A corollary of improved interest rates is a more manageable monthly obligation. Once you consolidate and your interest rates are adjusted, your monthly payments will improve to ease the burden they place on your budget. You will enjoy more progress in taking care of what you owe without having to devote additional funds to your monthly payments. With the right plan, you will have more money in your budget to spend as you please. You can use the money to invest, save, or make the purchases you’ve delayed because of your debt obligations.

Become Debt Free Quickly

Our solutions minimize the amount of money you spend on interest expenses, thus enabling you to get free of debt faster. Without ever increasing your monthly budget, consolidation helps you tackle your balances in the shortest amount of time possible. Instead of spending decades making minimum payments, you can be done with debt once and for all after you complete your program.

Credit Rating Improvements

There are few things more deleterious to your rating than balances owed and late payments, but we can help you with both of these issues. After you have consolidated, you may be able to tackle your balances rapidly, which may improve your credit rating in the process. Lower balances on your accounts may improve your credit utilization ratio, which is an important factor creditors use to determine your credit score. Moreover, your provider will devise a repayment plan that may make it easier for you to pay your bills on time every month. As a result, you could be much more likely to pay on time, which will also help your credit!

Consider Consolidating Your Debt

Consider Consolidating Your Debt

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Debt consolidation services – the many benefits

You could see an improved credit rating as the result of online debt consolidation services – which would help you afford future purchases such as a car or home. You’ll most likely be able to enjoy all aspects of life more because you will not feel bogged down by your finances. In addition to the possibility of substantial monetary gains, you will have the opportunity to sleep better at night, having committed your time to more important things.

This is an overall advantage of debt consolidation services that is unmatched elsewhere. Now is a great time to learn more about various types of free debt consolidation services. Experts are standing by to teach you all there is to know, and point you in the right direction. There is no pressure to commit at any time, and no fine print that binds you to do so. Just the chance for you to learn from an unmatched group of experts and move on with life starting here and now!