M8S ii Android TV Box 2GB/8GB
M8S ii Android TV Box 2GB/8GB
t Android 6.0 (latest version) t 2GB of RAM t 8GB of Memory
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Wireless Keypad For Android TV
Wireless Keypad For Android TV

This wireless keypad is the perfect remote control for the android TV box. It has a built in mousepad and keyboard which allows for much easier navigation and control for the android box when compared with the original remote control.

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H96 Pro Android TV Box 3GB/32GB
H96 Pro Android TV Box 3GB/32GB
t Android 6.0 (latest version) t 3GB of RAM! t 32GB of Memory!
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Welcome to Android TV Boxes Australia!

Turn your TV into a home entertainment system with the now famous android TV Box. The android TV box will truly change the way you watch TV allowing you access to thousands of apps, movies, TV shows, listen to music, live TV channels and even social media via your TV. Our android boxes allow you to access thousands of apps in high definition on your TV screen by turning your TV into a smart TV and even allow you to cast from your phone to your TV! Here is a quick breakdown of what can be done with one of our android TV boxes:

Stream Live TV:

With a large amount of third party add on’s and apps available you can stream live TV such as sports, movies, news and other entertainment from Australia or around the world without the need for a proxy or VPN. All you need is the correct add on for your country and you can stream your local channels directly onto your TV.

Watch movies & TV shows:

With our android boxes you can watch movies and TV shows on demand! You will have access to thousands of movies and TV shows including the latest releases in high definition. Our boxes also come preinstalled with streaming apps such as Netflix and the now famous Kodi media center which allows you to watch movies and TV shows from around the world.

Play Music and Watch Youtube:

You can download popular music apps such as Spotify and Soundcloud onto your android box and use your TV to listen to your favorite music. Our boxes also come loaded with Youtube so you can now watch Youtube videos on your TV..in HD!

Access Social Media and Play Games:

You can also access social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter on your TV or download some games from the Google playstore which allows you to download thousands of games for free!

So what exactly is an android TV box and how does it work?android tv box australia

An android TV Box is a small hi-tech box that runs via your internet connection to get various content such as movies, TV shows and sports and displays them on your TV via a HDMI cable. It is important to note that no satellite dish is needed..only an internet connection! The android TV box has many features and allows you to access thousands of apps via Google playstore.

What our Android TV Boxes do:

  • No monthly bills!
  • Live Australian and worldwide TV channelsandroid tv box
  • Play live Sports from Australia and around the world
  • Give you the chance to watch thousands of TV shows and Movie
  • Allow you to watch Netflix
  • Let you browse your favorite social media apps on your TV
  • Let you access various music apps on your TV such as spotify and soundcloud

Why we are fast becoming Australia’s top android TV box supplier: 

  • Fast delivery
  • 12 month warranty on our boxes
  • All boxes are tested before shipping
  • Australia Stock
  • Secure payment methods via Paypal